(/juhn/): Our Jun Tonics are brewed and fermented with live Jun cultures, organic green tea, honey, ginger, bee pollen & trace minerals infused with botanicals & super foods. Flavors include:

Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) infused with rose hips, hibiscus & grapefruit

Spirulina infused with elderberry, lavender & lemon 

Turmeric infused with orange peel, marigold petals & blood orange 

(/kuh-fear/): Our Kefir Elixirs are brewed and fermented with non-dairy kefir grains, raw organic cane sugar, lemon, ginger & monk fruit. Flavors include:

Maqui Mint ~ guayusa infused with mint, maqui & reishi mushrooms. 

Holy Rose ~ holy basil (tulsi) infused with rose petals, cayenne & ashwagandha. 

Chaga Chai ~ a rooibos chai blend infused with chaga mushrooms. 


Our Probiotic Bathing Botanicals are made with dehydrated Jun cultures blended with sea salt, magnesium crystals, lavender, lemongrass, holy basil (tulsi), ginger & trace minerals. 


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