How Did It Start?

Sebastian was born in Costa Rica, raised in Santa Cruz, CA and schooled at the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy - giving him strong roots in environment sustainability, appreciation for community, and a passion for living a healthy active lifestyle.

After a decade traveling as a chef, he realized he wanted to give back to local farmers and the community by combining healthy and organic ingredients into an art form that he can share. With his flavor technique, attention to detail, and knowledge for nutrition, ViDA Juice Inc. was born.

Carrie grew up in Northern California and relocated to the Santa Cruz area in 2010 where she graduated from Bauman College as a certified holistic nutritional consultant. Through her interest in nutrition and desire to help others, she helped organize a fundraiser where she met Sebastian. 

It is now Sebastian and Carrie's goal to share ViDA Juice with you, and they are honored to serve your senses, embrace independent farmers, and help conserve an ecological balance. 

Carrie & Sebastian